This website born as a repository for documentaries that I made under the brand name Aktive Creators, however I am no longer interested in making that kind of documentaries and I have turned this site into a blog related to things that I make, or I have made in the past, as I have always been an eager maker.

My interests span from engineering (mechanics and electronics) to physics and chemistry. I also have (or have had) side interests in music, video making, economics, marketing, and sailing.

May be that broad range of interests come by the necessity to fight brain ageing :)

While I have studied electronics at high school in the eighties, and continued studying physics and software afterwards, I never applied for an university degree because when I was young I was already working 12 hours a day (and was anarchic enough to disregard official degrees), and now that the midway of our life's journey has passed I actually do not find any benefit in spending a couple of very precious years to gain a formal degree.
Nevertheless I have a long experience in designing electronic devices, machines and instruments, and in particular to develop software and firmware for embedded systems.
Also I have been awarded with two patents for an invention of a distributed automation system. Even though as an entrepreneur my job ended up to be more business+project management I always staid after the design part, because I love it so much.

So videos about projects and experiments come together with articles in this blog. Hope you will enjoy. Also any polite feedback will be really appreciated.

One last thing, I am not a native English speaker but as anybody in Europe I use English as lingua franca, something that I like to call EU-English :)

Thank you for being here and having read these lines.

Claudio Hütte G.

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